Are you:

A. Parenting

B. Also pursuing a dream, a passion, or an occupation (other than your offspring)

C. Not working in a traditional full-time office setting


Us too! Welcome to the Space Between!

What do we mean by that?

The awkward middle ground between groups. Especially groups that appear to have strict rules for membership. You know, like the camps that exist around every issue in parenting, including whether you Stay-at-Home-Parent or Go-Back-to-Work or do something (yup, you guessed it!) in between.

Because parenting is HARD! Regardless of gender(s), race(s), nationality(ies), socioeconomic status, education level, political leanings, eating preferences. But there is always middle ground. Sometimes it feels wedged between the sharp edges of other platforms, so that you fear bumping your elbows every time you try to find the sun. Other times it seems a vast plane. You can’t see anyone standing next to you, but it turns out you’re actually part of the quiet majority. We hope this site will help connect people and give a voice to those who otherwise resort to muttering to themselves. (Not that we don’t both enjoy a good mutter now and again!)

Because, let’s face it, MIDDLE GROUND is hard to find these days. It seems like everyone’s lobbing grenades based on the belief that if you’re not with us, you’re against us.

We’re not really against much of anyone, though we are anti-grenade. If you’re a grenade-lobber, please understand we reserve the right to remove your comments from this blog. We’re trying to bring folks together here – grenades are counter-productive.

So who are we for? For anyone trying to find that happy, healthy balance between kids and careers. If you’re feeling like you’re not sure if you belong to THIS group, let us say now, unequivocally, you do. You work full time and dream of spending more quality time with your kids – welcome! You’re a SAHP wondering how you’d feel going back to work – read on! You’re about to become a parent and EVERYONE you’ve ever met has an opinion on whether you should stay at home and for how long and you’re not even sure where you’re putting the crib yet – you’re not alone! You’re a SAHPWSIWOTS (check out Julie’s bio for a breakdown) – you have found your tribe!


You’re welcome here for as long as you wish to remain. And thanks for coming! Look for our next post in the coming days.

While you’re here…

We’re dying to know: What spaces do YOU fit between?

This is a space to celebrate not fitting into the prepared packing. We’re interested in hearing your stories. Your challenges. Your successes.

So please tell us in the comments  about the space in which you find yourself! And then sign up for notifications of future posts, so you won’t miss a syllable of our collective wit and insight. 

Our Format

So, we take turns writing posts. Sometimes one of us will add an “…and also…” to the other’s post. We play together nicely like that. If there is a topic you’d love for us to explore, please email us. We may have a guest blogger join us every now and then, too! Thanks for stopping by!




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